dan11aDan DeShon

Dan (owner) a highly experienced pilot and flight instructor with over 16,000 hours of flight time and 5,000 hours as an instructor as well as regional and major airline experience. Dan has completed FITS training for Technologically Advanced Aircraft from Cessna Aircraft Co. He is a Garmin G-1000, 430/480/530, King 89/90 series instructor. He also has wide experience preparing pilots for airline interview simulator checks.

allan5Allan Willis

Allan, our chief pilot,  is an experienced charter pilot /instructor with over 9,000 flight hours. He attended Dixie College in St. George, UT, flew air tours and bush operations in Alaska, air tours in the Grand Tetons as well as charter/air taxi operations in Hawaii. He also has sailplane experience. Allan started Northwest Sportplanes in 2006. He is an experienced hand in many single & twin engine aircraft.

Will Schoentrup Jrwillb

Will learned to fly in the Navy early in life and most recently has been an IT manager. But always yearned to return to flying. We are happy to have him join our staff. He has done a lot of flying in the Pacific Northwest.


Mari Peterson


Mari is the newest member of our staff. She is a San Juan Island native. She received a BA degree from Washington State University. Mari began her flight training here at Westwind during college. She recently worked for Signature Flight Support at Boeing Field while completing her flying requirements for her new job as a Part 135 charter pilot at Westwind.  We are very happy to have Mari aboard!

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